Aloha, we are

Mother Volcano

We Work As One

To re-imagine illustration and explore the new possibilities of today — this is the common vision that brought our team together.
The future needs new thinking and a new approach: open creative dialogue, and illustrators who are able to work seamlessly on the same project.

We Work With You

We love our clients. We admire their passion, vision and their entrepreneurship.
As a matter of fact we are a little bit like them too because we want the same: to go further.

We Are Versatile

You have your team, your projects and possibly your clients too. Think of us as a plugin: we will fit in smoothly with you.
We can do this because we are not just illustrators: we are agile visual thinkers with an extended digital skillset and a native understanding of the interactive and web environments.

We Collaborate

In an innovation-driven world, the best way to make breakthroughs — if not the only way — is through collaboration.
A new generation of thinkers and doers is coming together to make a difference.
We want to be part of it — part of something bigger. That’s where you come in.

Mother Volcano is a collaborative illustration studio
for the web and interactive environments.

We are also a multilingual studio.
Let's talk / Fale connosco / Parliamo /
Lass' uns sprechen / Porozmawiajmy / Prata med oss!
+351 224 945 206 (Porto)
+49 176 70707069 (Berlin)