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We are a creative studio that specialises in illustration based communication, content and digital products.

We bring together storytelling, animation, interaction design and code to create beautiful, relevant and exciting work that takes you further.

You'll be surprised to see what a team of passionate, forward thinking illustrators and animators supported by specialists and producers can do. For you.

Our Core Services

→ Illustration
→ Animation
→ Storytelling

Our Strengths


→ Educational Content

→ Science Communication
→ Digital Publishing
→ Brand Communication
→ Content Marketing
→ Advertising


What We Can Do For You


→ Educational Animations

→ Explainers & Promotional Videos

→ Static & Animated Infographics

→ Animated GIFs

→ Scripts & Storyboards

→ Copywriting & Content

→ Editorial Illustrations for Web & Print

→ Branded Illustration for Visual Identities

→ Pictograms & Icons

→ Character Design

→ Scenarios/Characters/Assets for Games
→ Environmental Illustration for Events

→ Code-generated and Data-driven Interactive Illustration

→ ... and more!


How we bring everything together

1. Concept
What shall we do? How will it work? What outcomes can we expect?
We'll figure it out with you!

2. Storytelling
What is the message? What really matters? How to get and keep the attention?
We'll get your point across!

3. Design
How to provide the best user/viewer experience? How make everything consistent, functional and on brand?
We'll bring everthing together!

4. Illustration
How should it look and feel? How to appeal to your people? How to make it 'yours'?
We'll develop the right style for you!

5. Production
Can we handle everything smoothly? Will you have someone to talk, give feedback, discuss issues and keep you updated at all times?

+ Animation
Timeline animation, sprite animation, HTML5 animation. If the project requires it our animators will jump in and bring everything to life.

+ Prototyping
Every time there's a user involved that can interact with the work we'll need to prototype in order to test it and make sure everything works perfectly. If we're working on an innovative project then we'll prototype for proof of concept.

+ QA
After everything is done we put everything side by side and give it a final round of refinements. Then, ship it!

Where the magic happens

Clients & Agencies