Animator / Illustrator

Mother Volcano is a forward thinking illustration & animation studio.

We're a dynamic and supportive team of passionate individuals driven by a strong desire to make a difference.

You'll work in a vibrant, fast-paced and fun environment where you'll never feel bored.

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What will you do?

Join our core team and help us grow and evolve.

You'll be involved in defining the vision and set the goals for the years to come — and of course, work hard towards achieving them!  It’ll be up to you to develop new styles, approaches and aesthetics and outline a creative vision for each project by briefing, inspiring and directing other creatives.


What do you need to have?

Work experience at agencies, creative studios or as a freelancer is required, as is the ambition to do remarkable work, responsibility and sense of ownership, focus, method and organisation as well as attention to detail.

We’re looking for someone who prioritizes personal and professional development: self-accomplishment and happiness at work are what matters most to us.

You have to be willing to relocate to Porto, Portugal first and then Gdansk, Poland or Malmö, Sweden.

Would be nice to have

Fluency in either Polish, Swedish or German would be a great asset and, last but not least, being adventurous and having a sense of humour will definitely grab our attention!

You'll enjoy

Living in a great city like Porto

Room for professional development with a team that supports you

A happy work culture that will embrace and evolve with you

Opportunity to explore your interests with self-initiated experimental projects

An informal environment where you can feel at home

Free breakfast and snacks


Private health plan

Virgin Active membership (So you don't need to use the first benefit)

Netflix subscription

Spotify Premium subscription

The Deal

In house and full time