Let's talk about breast cancer

Agir Para Prevenir is an online questionnaire aimed at Portuguese women that calculates each respondent risk of having breast cancer. At the end of it personalised advice and tips are offered based on the answers given.

How to deal with such sensitive subject and avoid triggering negative thoughts and emotions? 

Our answer was to get the tone right with the illustration style and analogies used. Interactivity was also key element in surprising the user at the start of each slide to keep him engaged and interested in completing the questionnaire.

What we did:
Storytelling, Illustration, UX & Design

Ana Gomes




ApP Fallback Project 1ApP Fallback Project 1

Finding the right style

In a project like this one, finding the right illustration style is like finding the right tone of voice. After doing some research and gathering a few examples of other styles we felt were appropriate, we started doing some sketches and the first vector drafts. Since the human aspect is fundamental on this particular project, getting the style right on the character design was our priority. It couldn't be cold and technical. It needed to be light and fun, but not cartoony.


Finding the right angle

Just as important as the illustration style were the metaphors and scenes we picked to illustrate, and how they co-related with the graphic interface.  Personal objects from everyday life seemed like a good choice, since they reflect growing up changes in your own life, body and needs.



Our main goal was to allow the user to interact with the illustration itself in order to answer the questionnaire, instead of having it only side by side as decoration.
We also designed a simple poster-maker interface in the end of the project — one that the user could personalise with suggested tips to minimise their diagnosed risks.