Practical resource management explained

Bloom – a private, non-profit, Canadian consultancy firm – turned 20 years old and, as a well deserved celebration, they wanted to make a short explanatory video of what they're all about.

Since the company expressed commitment to innovation and a true desire for a refreshed visual image, we were tasked to come up with an original illustration style that would simultaneously be informative and cool to look at.

Bloom, with its now long history and vast areas of expertise should be represented exactly this way: a tour from fork lift operating and engineering, to meetings and planning, to factory and machinery working.

What we did:

Script, Storyboard & Animation:
Filipe Aparício


Bloom Project Final 1Bloom Project Final 1
Bloom Project Final 2Bloom Project Final 2
Bloom Project Final 3Bloom Project Final 3
Bloom Project Final 4Bloom Project Final 4
Bloom Project Final 5Bloom Project Final 5
Bloom Project Final 6Bloom Project Final 6