Olive oil, bread, mushrooms, wine and honey

The Mogadouro district in Portugal got a new interpretation centre to promote and educate the public about the region and everything it has to offer.

More than just publish their content, the client wanted to have a website with a rich visual appeal that would attract visitors to the region and the museum.

Working side by side with the designers and developers we were able to create 5 whole pieces of digital publishing that merge design with illustration. The result is an immersive experience that takes you on an illustrated journey to show how the region's most delicious products are made.

What we did:
Storytelling, Illustration

Creative & Art Direction:
Luís Oliveira

Design and Development:

Centro Interpretativo do Mundo Rural do Mogadouro



Scientific accuracy

Scientific accuracy was one of the main concerns with this project. All the species needed to be rigorously depicted and easily identified. 
Instead of a detailed and realistic approach (for which photography works much better), we decided to synthesise and work with more simple, geometric shapes, putting more emphasis on the aspects of the subject that were more representative, so that the essential concepts are easy to understand and remember even to an audience with little scientific background.

Explaining scientific concepts

The traditional editorial approach of simply leaving an empty area on the layout to insert the illustration is not the ideal solution for this kind of project. No part should simply conform to the others — animation and interaction are just as important as the illustration style to convey the message.
That's why we worked side by side with the design and development teams, both on the blueprints and implementation, to figure out the best way to integrate the interactive illustrations and animations with all the other content (video, photos and documents) on the website.