Unleashing the magic in the Xperia™ Z Ultra – feature by feature

A nine-piece social media web campaign to tell the world about the newly released Xperia™ Z Ultra.

Water-proofing, battery life,  Full HD format,  color enhancement... everything was covered! Inspired by Japanese/French animation and comics, each one of the 9 mystical creatures stands for a feature.

We brought Sony's trademark magic and wonder to content that was both fun, informative and easily shareable.

What we did:
Strategy, Concept, Creative Direction, Design & Illustration


Web implementation:

Uzful Learnings

Sony Mobile France

Character FacesCharacter Faces

The record beater

No more breakdowns!
More battery life thanks to the Stamina mode. It inactivates the useless features when the phone is in idle mode, and your phone lasts always more!


One fine illusion

The thinnest full HD smartphone ever.
Lightness and leanness united in this phone. With perfect measurements: 179 x 92 x 6.5mm


Ready for showtime!

With its perfect 6,4” full HD 1080x1920) format, it’ll give greatness to all your visual contents.
Quality and comfort in ZU’s spotlight.


The unbeatable champion

A new power is here. The asynchronous qualcomm quad-core processor garantees unprecedented performances.
No more waste : Xperia Z Ultra uses the exact quantity of energy it needs at every moment, no more no less.


The colors magnifier

The Triluminos screen shows you a wide range of colors and subtle shades.
This unique Sony technology gives life to images as true as reality’s.


The great water-tamer

At last, a watertight smartphone!
From water to dust, it will resist all the incidents life throws at you.


This accessory can do anything

TheSBH52 smart bluetooth handset: a ultra discreet accessory connected to your phone.
Use it to listen to your music, receive your messages and make your calls. Discreet, and practical!


The screen beautifier

The X-software sublimes all your visual contents. It improves the outlines, the colors, the contrast and texture and reduces the noise.
It truly gives images their optimal quality.



In order to be released all over the internet, we designed a few different formats to present all the characters and phone features, both as a whole and individually: from a big party infographic where we gathered all the family, to individual gifs and cards in French and English.



To better tell the backstory and personality we imagined for each character, we sketched a few different storyboards with ideas for loops that we shared with the client and the animators.


Style Development

At the beginning of each project, we present the client two or three different routes aligned with the brief and general visual direction we agreed on. By experimenting and covering a larger field of hypothesis we make sure that our visions are aligned and that the outcome will match everyone's expectations.



Ready, aim, fire! The infographic and the smaller cards and gifs were released all over the internet. (We broke our personal record with the Tumblr Radar feature, which gave us a small taste and high hopes of decoding virality and becoming internet famous. One can dream.)