Buzzing the Sony Xperia's social media with a GIF season pass

As part of their content marketing strategy Sony wanted a series of season related fun and engaging animated GIFs to help keep the new Xperia™ Z3 in the spotlight throughout Halloween, Xmas and Carnival.

We provided Sony Mobile France with a bundle of season-related, feature-specific animated GIF cards and wallpapers for the delight of their social media followers. For each card and wallpaper we went after a different illustration style and approach so it felt more like spontaneous content popping on Facebook and Twitter than a planned, one tone official campaign. 

What we did:
Strategy, Concept, Creative/Art Direction & Illustration

Snack Studio

Pedro Tavares

Uzful Learnings

Sony Mobile


Being a bundle of GIF cards to be played on the social media for different ocassions they needed to be as different from each other as possible.
Within the short looping GIF animation constraints we had to ideate a lot in order to find different approaches for each card while capturing the attention, amuse and get the message across.