Brand new JavaScript-powered illustrations. Sold!

Truecar is an online service that tells you the fair price you should pay for a used car. They also offer you valuable articles and resources to help you make the right decision.

Among them the How-To-Guides for which we have been commissioned a series of illustrations.
They wanted a completely different style for each article without the overhead of having to negotiate, hire and manage different illustrators.

We offered them the widest range of styles we had in-house plus two complimentary JavaScript-driven illustrations.

What we did:
Illustration & Coding


TrueCar Project Final 1TrueCar Project Final 1
TrueCar Project Final 2TrueCar Project Final 2
TrueCar Project Final 3TrueCar Project Final 3
TrueCar Project Final 4TrueCar Project Final 4
TrueCar Project Final 5TrueCar Project Final 5
TrueCar Project Final 6TrueCar Project Final 6
TrueCar SketchesTrueCar Sketches