The great customer journey

For the opening of the brand new headquarters in California, Youtube got together with Rehabstudio and came up with the idea of filling the walls with the big picture of their advertising process. By "big picture", we mean a three meter long illustrated user's journey. And that's where we came in.

Under Rehab's creative direction, Mother Volcano split this long process into three distinctive islands with unique themes – Inspiration, Creation and Retention. From hot-air ballons and flying mouse cursors, to film cameras and a drive-in theater, to rocket ships and a helicopter, we have created a powerful branded graphic universe that brought the idea to life.

What we did:

Pearline Ticzon

Creative Director:
Hayden Peek

Artwork Support:
Ana Areias & Tiago Machado



Youtube Project 1Youtube Project 1
Youtube Project 2Youtube Project 2
Youtube Project 3Youtube Project 3
Youtube Project Final 4Youtube Project Final 4
Youtube Project Final 5Youtube Project Final 5
Youtube Project Final 6Youtube Project Final 6
Youtube Project Final 7Youtube Project Final 7
Youtube Project Final 8Youtube Project Final 8